System Hardware Components

The Synchronicity Wave
computer systems

are built using
Pentium-4 CPUs and
Intel motherboards

The computer components
are selected to provide
the highest level of quality
and reliability in the industry

  1. Memory chips are tested and certified by
    the independent testing firm:

    Computer Memory Test Labs (

  2. Sony Flat Panel Monitors use Active Matrix TFT
    technology for crisp high-resolution images

    Their innovative floating-frame design integrates
    into the ambiance of your Synchronicity Wave System


  3. The Synchronicity Wave Micro-ATX computer cases
    couple aesthetic styling with quiet operation

    SFX 12V compliant. UL, CSA, CE approved.

  4. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    filter power line noise and provide continuous power
    to the
    Synchronicity Wave Computer Systems

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