Robert  jon  Religa


  • Member of the team that created the robotic camera motion-control system used to film the special effects for  STAR TREK  - The Motion Picture.

  • On the research staff that designed and implemented laser projector and special effects control systems used for LASERIUM shows.

  • Conceived and created the SeaLAN fiberoptic Local Area Network for communication with and control of underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) & undersea instrumentation installations.

  • Designed and provided NASA with a custom fiberoptic link for a ROV working under the Ross Ice Shelf - Antarctica. This link enabled NASA to remotely control the ROV by tele-presence via satellite to test the Virtual Reality software designed for the Mars Sojourner Robotic Probe.
  • Designed and Implemented an oceanographic data acquisition system integrating Global Position Satellite data and towed magnetometer probe data to create 3-D and false-color images of the ocean floor's magnetic characteristics.
  • Conceived and implemented the Diffusion Furnace Process Control Language that became the standard of the computer wafer manufacturing industry.


California State University, Fullerton

American Studies - A Multi-Discipline Degree Integrating:

Psychology, Mythology, Philosophy, Sociology, History, and Literature

Specializing in Jungian Theory and
Applied Mythic / Archetypal Analysis

Computer Science - Specializing in Systems Design and Architecture